The Loving Family opened the original funeral home in downtown Hot Springs during the late 1890’s. With the lumber industry and the Homestead Resort as a draw, Loving Funeral Home served as a vital part of the business community. D.H. McLaughlin was raised by the Loving family and worked in the funeral home as a young man.

He later went to Mortuary School and, in the 1960’s, became the owner changing the name to McLaughlin Funeral Home. He also ran the hardware and coal company for the area of Bath County. The facility moved to its present-day site in 1967. After college, his son, Holmes C. “Buddy” McLaughlin began working in the family business.

In 1991, he sold the business to John and Debbie Young. The name “McLaughlin” has been retained out of respect for D.H. McLaughlin and all he did for the community. The name “Young” was added in 2003 making it “McLaughlin & Young Funeral Home.”

Over the last 20 years, a lot of changes have taken place not only to the funeral home but to the business itself. The Young’s are proud to be a part of the community and are committed to offering the very best services they can.

Sign for "McLaughlin & Young Funeral Home"